Our goal and philosophy is to leave the land better than we found it.

What that means to us is to give back some of the nourishment, richness, love, and subtlety to the earth that sustains us each and every day.

How the Heart Started Beeting

We are 2 girls on 2 acres, with 2 greenhouses, 4 high tunnels, with one dog and one cat, who practice organic/ biodynamic agriculture on our diversified vegetable farm.  We love to grow beautiful, delicious and nourishing food for our neighbours and community. We took stewardship of our little piece of paradise located in Darlington, Prince Edward Island (between Hunter River and Charlottetown) in September 2010. Pretty much before we unpacked our boxes, we built five raised beds in one of our greenhouses and planted some seeds. And thus began Heart Beet Organics...


The Beet Goes On

Now, with a few seasons under our belt, we are putting to use more of the many, many lessons we’ve learned. We are growing more of the things that do well and less of the things that do not. We are constantly working on improving our systems and efficiencies for harvesting and post-harvest handling (washing, packing for market, refrigeration, etc.). Each growing season has many lessons on how to improve for next time!

We love Kalee

Kalee  - our energetic boxer/lab mix is bringing us lots of love, laughs & licks; hopefully she’ll leave some veggies in the field for you! She loves sugar snap peas, carrots, turnips, and sweet potatoes!


Saturdays and Wednesdays at the Farmers Market

You can find us selling our produce and ferments as well as kombucha at the lively Charlottetown Farmers' Market.  You can find us there every Saturday (and Wednesdays from July-Oct). Please come and say ‘Hi’ and get your organic goodies or fermented delights.

Season Extension to the Rescue

We have 4 high tunnels (unheated greenhouses) that each cover four of our field beds for super early spring & crazy late fall greens. Extending our season has been a game changer for us and has helped us achieve our goal of not having to get off farm jobs. We have added a larger greenhouse for winter production as well growing micro greens and of course, fermenting more, have all played large parts in increasing our productivity.

In the summer, our 40+ varieties of heirloom tomatoes live in the tunnels, along with our cherry tomatoes and peppers. The tunnels add heat and protect against blight. We are always increasing our tomato production - we love them so much -we roast them, we smoke them, turn em into sauce - we even sell our beautiful tomatoes to a few of PEI’s finer restaurants.