Use at the Charlottetown Farmers Market!


Fresh, local, organic vegetables on without the weekly commitment of a CSA program!

How it works:

  1. Like a gift card, you pay in advance. Sign up in the form below, choosing from any hundred dollar increment.

  2. Payment can be made by email transfer, cash or cheque 

  3. Use Beet Bucks at our booth at the Charlottetown Farmers Market Saturdays (and Wednesdays in the summer) from 9-2

  4. Choose whatever you want from our stand.

  5. We take the value of the produce you choose off your tab.

  6. We give you 10% extra on your tab to spend. $100 gives you $10 extra dollars, $200 gives you $20 extra dollars, etc...

The Benefits:

  1. You can leave your cash at home. You’ve already paid!

  2. Complete freedom to choose what you like, in the amounts you like each week.

  3. Flexibility. No need to tell us in advance if you’re going on vacation or if you have guests and need more produce than usual.

  4. Bonus 10% extra vegetables.

  5. Know where your food comes from. You’ll develop a stronger connection with your farmers through your commitment to the farm.

  6. Help shape what we grow. Tell us what you love and we can fine tune what we grow each year based on your tastes.

  7. Invitations to come to the farm for farm tours, potlucks, and workshops.

  8. Help build a stronger local economy.

  9. Support us - local organic farmers.